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Why We Fail to Learn

The Training

How to attract opportunities

Applying online is painful!  Submitting resumes is tedious!

Imagine banging your head against the wall 150 times until you crack a hole, and you finally squeeze through the hole.  Once inside, you meet a coworker and she tells you that another coworker opened the door and asked her to walk in.  That's the difference between applying for a job versus knowing how to market yourself to attract opportunities.

My Career Journey

I made 11 career transitions, been laid-off five times, hired for an executive position without experience, and companies have created positions for me.  I didn't apply online for most of my jobs, submit a resume or a cover letter.  So how did I get hired?

  • I learned to network like an introvert
  • I built and promote my professional brand
  • I stay top-of-mind

What you'll get

My training style is engaging and high energy.  I provide real-life examples, relevant, and actionable career strategies.  I'm a "practrainer" - I practice what I train others to do.

Who Benefits From The Training?

  • Job Seekers

    Learn to market yourself & shorten the time it takes to find new job opportunities

  • Professionals

    Learn to manage & accelerate your career growth

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