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Insurance Agent

Jessie Banuelos

I recently had the pleasure of attending a real estate event to listen to Oscar's presentation about promoting your business presence on social media, being authentic and building your brand. Oscar would be a great presenter for professionals in sales and management level professionals to help set themselves apart from the masses.

Career Services Professional

Hamid Saadat

He is an amazing human being who is exceptionally knowledgeable, and confident, in his presentations. Oscar’s high energy, warm personality, engaging workshops, the practical exercises, and his sense of humor, makes it very easy for our attendees to walk away with a great feeling.

Director of Job Search Programs

Sarah Jo Neubauer

Oscar Garcia is a rare gem when it comes to delivering engaging and empowering presentations! I had the pleasure of inviting Oscar to offer 3 staff development workshops on How to Optimize + Leverage LinkedIn. Oscar brings high-energy and high-quality presentation materials. He is authentic and accessible – and I appreciate that he shares how he applies the latest tech trends in his work on the LinkedIn platform.

Sales Recruiting Intern

Osman Ho

His LinkedIn 101 talk demonstrated his outstanding ability to use analogies, stories, and real world experiences to teach his audience. His advice on how to boost your personal brand, LinkedIn profile, and networking connections are so important to college students and aspiring professionals.

Business Owner

Dr. Taylor Pascal

Oscar is a great public speaker and great person! I’ve got to see him present a few times now. He is a professional that knows how to connect with people and always delivers great content, leaving you with action steps and no fluff. His authenticity and personal touch truly inspires the audience.

The Training

How to attract opportunities

I hate interviewing!  I hate begging to get hired!  I hate selling!

I'm an introvert turned international speaker, who has grown Aspira Consulting from nothing to an international training and consulting company.  Along my career journey, I've made mistakes and learned valuable life lessons.  Today, I do what I do to empower you, so opportunities come to you.

I hate interviewing!

I worked in the tech industry for 12 years and was laid off five times - typical for startups.  The most I was out of a job was six weeks.  How?  I know how to network.

I hate begging to get hired!

I've made 11 career transitions!  I've had job opportunities created for me.  I've been recruited by employers.  I've been hired for positions without experience.  How?  I know how to market myself and attract opportunities.

I hate selling!

Quotas!  Cold-calling!  Elevator pitch!  Convincing prospects to buy!  Going from zero to hero every 90 days was tiring.  As an introvert, I got fed up with this model.  Today, I've attracted consulting projects and 300+ training opportunities locally and internationally.  How? I build relationships first, business second.

What you'll get

Relevant, practical and actionable tips and strategies.  I will teach you the same techniques I use to grow my company, get hired without experience; have positions created for me; have executives call me with opportunities; and, successfully transitioned careers.

I empower you, so opportunities come to you.

Some teach what they learn.  I teach what I practice.  My training style is energetic, concise and inspiring.

Who Benefits From The Training?

  • Job Seekers

    Learn to market yourself & find new job opportunities

  • Executives

    Join the elite 2% of professionals who are attracting new opportunities

  • Sales Professionals

    Sell, grow your business & build industry credibility without annoying clients

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